Ripple Fisher Aquila


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Ripple Fisher Aquila


The Aquila series are the rods to support your boat casting game for Bonito’s, Dorado’s to various blue runner species, in addition to the large Kingfish, Yellow-tail Tuna’s and Blue-fin Tuna’s. 

The possibilities of the boat game are forever increasing in diversity, allowing anglers to lure out targets to the surface previously never attempted. With the evolving lures/lines on the market and the increasing size of the targets becoming more and more selective, the expectations towards the ability of the rods are also advancing. 

The blanks of the Aquila series have been developed with the combining capabilities of lightness, castability and outstanding butt power. Without total balance of your tackle, we believe that it will not be possible to capitalize on the very rare chance of a big hit presented to you in the boat game. 

In 2017, we have added 2 specialized models to target Kingfish exceeding 20kg, the 85H+Monster and 711HH+Monster. Furthermore, we have also categorized and renewed the labeling of the power class of the line-up for easier distinctions between the various models. The four types include the “Basic”, “Sensitive”, “Extreme” and “Monster”.


Ripple Fisher Aquila 74M

This model is for anglers who prefer using light tackle on Yellowtail or Kingfish. With a shorter length, an underarm cast is possible while it efficiently works the lure for that special moment. (Previous name:743)

 Model Length Weight Lure Weight Line Rating
74M 7'4" 200g 30~40g PE3



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