BKK Beastly Cat Super Slide
BKK Fangs BT621-SS The BKK Fangs BT621-SS are made entirely of BKK-81WV for ultimate strength and performance. This...
BKK GT-Rex Barbless The purpose of development of the BKK GT-Rex Barbless was to challenge the Biggest fish...
BKK Lone Diablo The BKK Lone Diablo hooks have been developed to be used on lures like stickbaits and...
BKK Raptor-Z The BKK Raptor-Z hooks represents the pinnacle of BKK hook manufacturing know-how and craftsmanship. BKK designed...
Decoy JS-5 Casting Single
Decoy Saltwater Big Treble
Decoy Y-W77 The Decoy Y-W77 extra-wide gap treble is at the vanguard of Decoys next generation of treble...
Decoy Y-S81 The Decoy Y-S81 Super Heavy Duty Treble Hooks are super strong treble hooks and are the go-to...
Harbor Dhu Bomb Spare Hook
Harbor Twin Wire Assist Hooks
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