BKK Beastly Cat Super Slide
BKK Fangs BT621-SS The BKK Fangs BT621-SS are made entirely of BKK-81WV for ultimate strength and performance. This...
BKK GT-Rex Barbless The purpose of development of the BKK GT-Rex Barbless was to challenge the Biggest fish...
BKK Kajiki Light Trolling Hook
BKK Lone Diablo The BKK Lone Diablo hooks have been developed to be used on lures like stickbaits and...
BKK Raptor-Z The BKK Raptor-Z hooks represents the pinnacle of BKK hook manufacturing know-how and craftsmanship. BKK designed...
Decoy JS-2 Cutlass Jigging Single
Decoy Y-F33B The perfect replacement for small / ultra-light lures, the Decoy Y-F33B are a small, rounded treble,...
Decoy JS-5 Casting Single
Decoy JS-3 Pike Type R
Decoy Pluggin Single
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