2024 Compleat Angler Nedlands - Blue Lightning Charters Hosted Montebello Islands Trip

Are you interested in a trip of a lifetime to the Montebello Islands?

Join us aboard Blue Lightning Charters in November 2024 for a hosted trip to the incredible Montebello Islands!  We have 8 spots available for this once in a lifetime trip!

Giant Trevally GT at the Montebello Islands

Blue Lightning Charters has been operating charters at the Montebello Islands for the last 20 years and is one of the most respected charter operations in Western Australia.  With a vast amount of knowledge of the Montebello Islands, every trip we've done aboard Blue Lightning Charters has been extremely memorable.

Montebello Islands

The Montebello Islands are a bucket list destination for fishermen with a huge amount of species on tap to target.  Everything from jigging for bottom species like large Coral Trout, Red Emperor and Rankin cod to casting for XXL GTs to trolling for big Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo & Sailfish.


Blue Lightning Charters Boat Glenalan


Blue Lightning Charters are running their newest member of the fleet this year - Glenalan a 65ft Aurora ship.  It has a fully air conditioned cabin, a sea keeper Gyro Stabiliser to keep you comfortable in even the most trying conditions and all the creature comforts you can expect from a remote fishing expedition vessel.  As well as this main vessel there are a number of smaller boats available that are generally used for GT Fishing/Inshore fishing for a couple of half day trips during the charter dates.

Blue Lightning Charters Montebello Islands


Friday November 22nd - Arrive in Karratha (we suggest afternoon arrival).  You will be picked up from the airport and taken to the boat.  Dinner will be in town and the evening spent sleeping on the boat at port.

Shorebased Fishing at the Montebello Islands

Saturday November the 23rd - Depart for the Montebello Islands first thing in the morning.  This will be a full day fishing on the way out to the islands.

Sunday November 23rd - Thursdays November 28th - fishing at the Montebello Islands.

Friday November 29th - Depart the Montebello Islands.  Fishing on the way back to Karratha.  Stay overnight onboard the boat in port.

Saturday November 30th - Depart Karratha (morning Flights).

Blue Lightning Charters Montebello Islands Inshore Fishing


The cost per person is $4300 ($1000 payable upon booking).  This includes all food and soft drink for the duration of the trip (except for the fist and last nights meals in Karratha).  Alcohol is also excluded but you will have the chance to place and order with Blue Lightning before the trip.  You will also need to organise to get to Karratha - most fly and we can help suggesting flights.


The Montebello Islands is a fishing paradise.  The fishing options are endless but this is a suggestion of what gear you could bring:

PE 3-4 (30lb-40lb) Slow Pitch Jigging Setup

Jigging for Bottom Species like Coral Trout, Red Emperor & Rankin Cod.  We suggest jigs 200g-300g in weight range as the drift/current can be quite fast and the depths fished can be between 40m-80m.

Red Emperor on Soft Plastic Lure at the Montebello Islands

Saddle Tail Sea Perch Montebello Islands

PE 5-6 (50lb - 60lb) Trolling / Heavier Bottom Fishing setup

Trolling for Mackerel/Wahoo and heavier bottom jigging/bait fishing.  We suggest diving minnows like the Nomad DTX, Halco Laser Pro 190 and Rapala XRap Magnum 20/30s.  For heavier bottom fishing with bait rigs are supplied but you could also use Snapbaits or Bottom meats in the 300g weight range.

 Spanish Mackerel at the Montebello Islands

Spanish Mackerel at the Montebello Islands

PE 3-4 (30lb - 40lb) 7-8ft Casting Setup

Casting stickbaits and poppers in shallow inshore reef / rocky area for Trevally, Coral Trout, Spangled Emperor etc.  We suggest stickbaits and poppers in the 30-40g range.

Tune on Popper at the Montebello Islands

PE 8-10 (80lb - 100lb) 7-8ft GT Casting Setup

Targetting GTs.  We've found medium sized stickbaits seem to work the best.  We can highly recommend Orion Bigfoot 140s and Shimano Head Dips.

GT Giant Trevally at the Montebello Islands

More Information & Booking

For more information and placing a booking please contact Compleat Angler Nedlands.

Email: comfish@iinet.net.au

Phone: 08 93891337



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