Yamaga Blanks Blue Current TZ
BlueCurrent JH-Special 58/TZ BlueCurrent 58TZ is technical short length model which have been designed to enable anglers to...
Yamaga Blanks Blue Current TZ Nano
BlueCurrent JH-Special 67/TZ NANO This is specialized model for jig head game which is employed high sensitivity, smoothness,...
Yamaga Blanks Blue Reef GT Game Series
BlueReef 711/8 StickBait This is the model which is good at manipulating diving pencil sensitively as“Stick Bait” suggests....
Yamaga Blanks BlueSniper Boat Casting
BlueSniper 81/2 This model will enable anglers to use lures not previously capable on its predecessors such as...
Yamaga Blanks BlueSniper Shore Casting
BlueSniper 96ML The new face of BlueSnper Shore casting Series that is categorized as [ML] class.This is light...
EARLY 103M If you wish to cast and manipulate various kind of lures as such as minnow 9cm...
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