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 Yamaga Blanks Blue Current III

In 2020, the Yamaga Blue Current II was reborn as the Yamaga Blue Current III .
This is not mere model change. This is kind of numbering which means that designing of Blue Current series get into the third generation.
The most important elements that Yamaga Blanks have been thinking are characteristic and identity of designing and factory. They believe that combination of these two factors that are composed them is quite unique.
Especially Blue Current series are one of the representative products of Yamaga Blanks which have been reflected essential part of techniques and experiences as a “Rodsmith”.
The renew of Blue Current series have meanings that core of designing have been developed.
Yamaga have aimed to achieve broadness of release range, bending like seamless to keep tension, and quickness and sharpness as work as your extended arm for Blue Current III series.
So that they have integrated category of Blue Current and Blue Current TZ series as reconstruction. They have tested these Blue Current III for a long time periods to get tidemark.

Blue Current Ⅲ 69

This is specialised stick to fish aggressively with jig head and plug. Yamaga have designed tip and belly section of this 69 very carefully to manipulate jig head and plug exactly as you wished. Tip and belly section have been applied moderate stiffness for achieving high sensitivity to transmits small vital information and slightly changes of current and sharpness to twitch and jerk jig head aggressively. Also, if you really wish to fish with plug, it is recommend you to take this 69. This 69 tells you the situation of underwater world and let you manipulate plug delicately as you wished to. This is for the anglers who have own tactics to catch target as you have planned. Of course, you can take 69 for light game off the boat as well.

Blue Current Ⅲ 74

74 deserved to be called all-rounder to cover situation and method of light game scene. If you wish to fish with various kind of method in various situation with one stick, this 74 will be the one for sure. 74 can handle all of method for light game fishing such as jig head, sinker, metal jig, and plug at your will. High sensitivity will not be lost even if you search target deeper than 10m. Blanks of 74 will not give you unwanted wobbles when you cast and once fish is on, whole blanks will be bent smoothly to absorb the first run of large target. You will definitely be able to feel what is “Blue Current Ⅲ“ like once you fish with this 74.
Yamaga Blue Current III 74 Loading Curve Picture

BlueCurrentⅢ 76 Stream

"Blue Current III 76 Stream - Specialized model for plugging games to lure targets hidden in the flow"
Can be used in a wide range of applications, from small plugs for horse mackerel and rockfish to lightweight plugs for sea bass and black porgy. This is a plugging model designed to. The tip and belly have just the right amount of tension to allow the angler to perform various techniques as intended, such as delicate operation of the top plug, twitching of the minnow, and free winding of the thin pen. High sensitivity performance that can be maintained even in the current, and a blank that has been carefully tuned to seamlessly connect actions, is compatible with a wide range of "plugging" for light games that require delicate rod work. This is a specialised model.

BlueCurrentⅢ 711

Deliver light weight of jig head to further than you have imagined without unwanted wobbles. Even if you cast small and light jig head a long distance, you will not lose your sense to feel slightly changes of current and movement of jig head with this 711. 711 which is categorised in long length model though, transmits information of underwater world and vital information constantly even in rapid water or deep area.
Although you can cast long distance, you will feel like manipulating at close range. Flexible and sensitive tip section will let target bite your jig head without strangeness and powerful butt section will lead you assured landing.

Blue Current Ⅲ 82

The almighty stick for method and tactics of light game category. This 82 have been tuned as sharper to get more distance than previous model. Although butt section has been enhanced, whole blanks bend smoothly and recover powerfully. On the other hand, sensitiveness and flexibility of tip section have been sharpened to transmits information that angler needs. If you aim spooky and selective target that hiding in weed or rapid current far from shore line, we recommend you to take this 82. This is deserved to be called “Power finesse model” which can be handled not only plugs around 7~9cm to aim seabass or black sea bream, but also you can of course use jig head up to 20g with swimming action to aim rockfish.

Blue Current Ⅲ 82B

Blue Current Ⅲ 82/B (Overhead reel Model)
The long stick that gives you incredible distance with various method of light game rigs. Although this is over 8ft long, you can handle like it is 7.6ft long thanks to sharpness and lightness of blanks themselves. Tip section which have flexibility to manipulate lure delicately link to butt section which is strong enough to stop the powerful run of large target. You will not lose your initiative thanks to the advantage of overhead reel and massive repulsive force hidden in fine blanks. This deserved to be called all mighty overhead reel stick to cover various situations and target such as surface game for seabass or black sea bream, rock fish game and mackerel of course.

Yamaga Blue Current III 82B Bending Curve Diagram


Model Type Line Cast Weight Length Weight Pieces
69 Spin PE0.1-0.4 Max 7g 6'9" 66g 2pc
72 Spin PE0.1-0.5 Max 10g 7'2" 71g 2pc
76 Stream Spin PE0.3-0.8 Max 12g 7'6" 81g 2pc
711 Spin PE0.2-0.6 Max 11g 7'11" 81g 2pc
82 Spin PE0.3-0.8 Max 20g 8'2" 83g 2pc
82B O/H PE0.4-0.8 Max 20g 8'2" 93g 2pc

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