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Yamaga Blanks Galahad Overhead

The Yamaga Blanks jigging rod, the Galahad, 1-piece model series, consists of models that have been adjusted to demonstrate power and operability with bending and repulsive force that takes advantage of the 1-piece structure. Metal jigs in recent years have a wide range of materials, shapes, and actions, and there are many seasonal game patterns unique to the sea area. And what Yamaga sought in the Galahad series was adaptability first and foremost. It is a model that combines light operability, followability, and power that can handle large objects at a high jig action, allowing anglers to make full use of their various skills.

Galahad 622B
A technical model that realizes a delicate operation feeling in the light line and produces a variety of bite actions. A bait model that emphasizes operation response using light lines up to PE2 in the shallow water. It has fine and light operability, and makes full use of feeding actions according to the situation, from tip-oriented reeling-oriented swimming action to well-defined short pitch jerk with belly and bat awareness, and fall action. can be approached. This model is recommended for yellowtails and amberjacks that challenge with a delicate attack on a light line.

Gallahad 623B
High standard model that can produce various jerks from slow to high pitch, short to long. The core model of the Galahad bait jigging series that makes full use of the PE3 class. From slow tempo one pitch to long fall, and even high pitch jerk, it is easy to input continuous action lightly, and it corresponds to various actions and jigs. In addition, the high sensitivity performance has been sharpened, so it is good at fine pitch adjustment, and delicate capture is possible. Packed with elements necessary for jigging with a bait tackle, it is a blank design that pursues comfortable operability.

 Galahad 624B
A high-response model that enables a variety of jig actions with power from the near sea to remote islands. A model that was born to capture impregnable targets such as amberjack and amberjack that challenge in the PE4 class. The slender and sharp blank creates a transmission to the jig, and it matches not only the operation of high pitch action but also the slow action of the fall system, and approaches the target with various invitations. It is a model that you can fully enjoy the real pleasure of jigging by taking advantage of the responsiveness of the bait tackle, especially at points where the tide is fast and in deep water.


Model Type Line Jig Weight Length Weight Pieces
622B O/H PE2 150g 6'2" 187g 1pc
623B O/H PE3 200g 6'2" 188g 1pc
624B O/H PE4 250g 6'2" 191g 1pc
526B O/H PE6 350g 5'2" 303g 1pc

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