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Yamaga Blanks Ballistick

Introducing the Yamaga Blanks Ballistick Series, the pinnacle of shore casting rods for the discerning angler. Crafted with cutting-edge NANOALLOY technology, these rods boast unparalleled sharpness on casting and toughness on fighting, making them ideal for both novice and seasoned anglers alike.

Available in eight models, including four spinning models as the basic series, two overhead reel models, and two black fin seabass models, these rods are designed to cover a wide range of fishing scenarios. The spinning models are perfect for river and surf games, while the overhead models are ideal for upper to mid parts of rivers, river mouths, rocky shores, and sandy beaches.

The blanks of these rods are designed with high sensitivity, ensuring clear transmission of vital information, while the high repulsive force allows for control over large fish. The HIRA model, in particular, offers moderate stiffness, providing sharpness in cast feel and high sensitivity, even in rough conditions. The butt section of the rod provides enough power to aim for blue runner and yellowtail weighing up to 5kg without losing control.

In summary, the Yamaga Blanks Ballistick Series is the ultimate in fishing rods, providing exceptional performance and design. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a novice, these rods will exceed your expectations and provide an unforgettable fishing experience. Invest in the Ballistick series today and take your fishing game to the next level!

Ballistick 86M TZ/Nano
This is the medium class rod which have been loaded with versatility to use lures from minnow sized 9~14cm to heavy vibration without any stress when you are wading. If you do not want to lose initiative when you have hooked huge seabass up while you are wading in the river, it will work for you because of powerful butt section with NANOALLOY technology.

Ballistick 96MMH TZ/Nano
If you wish to cast heavy lures, such as minnow size around 14cm, metal jig, sinking pencil or heavy vibration further, this is recommended for you to choose. Yamaga promise that you will be able to cast heavy lure a great distance on surf or rocks even in headwind. 96MMH will help you to maintain your concentration because you will hardly get tired thanks to lightness and handleability of it.

Ballistick Bait 103MH Nano - Overhead
This is overhead reel model with massive power to fish from rocky shore. Yamaga have loaded enough power, cast ability and sensitiveness to blanks of these to aim black fin seabass in tough situation, for example you are required to cast against head wind, fight at rocky beach or else. You will be surprised that accuracy of cast, quickness to make first action, power of lifting and dexterity performance of this 103H/NANO as a versatile overhead tackle. Of course this is recommended to angler who is aiming at giant flat fish from surf while using jig, vibration or plastic warm effectively. Although it have got incredible power on blank itself you can develop the strategy of the game sensitively and delicately as same as spinning tackle while fishing with heavier line.

Model Type Line Cast Weight Length Weight Pieces
86M TZ/NANO Spin PE0.8 - 1.5 6 - 32g 8'6" 122g 2pc
94M TZ/NANO Spin PE0.8 - 1.5 6 - 35g 9'4" 143g 2pc
96MMH TZ/NANO Spin PE1 - 2 8 - 38g 9'6" 151g 2pc
102MH TZ/NANO Spin PE1 - 2 8 - 42g 10'2" 177g 2pc
BAIT 93M NANO O/H PE1 - 2 8 - 42g 9'3" 159g 2pc
BAIT 103MH NANO O/H PE1.5 - 2.5 10 - 45g 10'3" 191g 2pc
HIRA 107MH TZ/NANO Spin PE2 7 - 45g 10'7" 198g 2pc
HIRA 11MH TZ/NANO Spin PE2.5 8 - 50g 11'0" 228g 2pc

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