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Yamaga Blanks Galahad Spin

The Yamaga Blanks jigging rod, the Galahad, 1-piece model series, consists of models that have been adjusted to demonstrate power and operability with bending and repulsive force that takes advantage of the 1-piece structure. Metal jigs in recent years have a wide range of materials, shapes, and actions, and there are many seasonal game patterns unique to the sea area. And what Yamaga sought in the Galahad series was adaptability first and foremost. It is a model that combines light operability, followability, and power that can handle large objects at a high jig action, allowing anglers to make full use of their various skills.

Galahad 632S
A sensitive model, with a blank design that does not play too much, to produce delicate actions, a light class model with a tip that does not hide bites and a belly that follows obediently. The flexible blank prevents the hook from stretching even when using a light line or a thin hook and when a high load is applied. The strength that is effective against the fish will give you a sense of security.

Galahad 633S
An all-round model with delicate operation and high sensitivity performance that can capture a wide range of tough conditions in the coastal waters. An all-rounder for
jigging in the coastal waters. It adapts to a wide range of scenes, from one-pitch jerk to combination jerk with vertical, and attracts the target with light and comfortable operation. Sensitivity performance is also high, and it is possible to quickly detect "with jigs" of fish that do not get hooked, such as attacks on jigs and leaders, and switch tempo with good response to shift to feeding action. Basically, it is a power-up model of 632S. If you use jigs around 150g, please choose 633S. If you use jigs around 120g, please choose 632S.

Galahad 634S
A model that combines power and operability in a well-balanced manner, allowing you to attack from shallow to deep waters without stress. This model specialises in the action of naturally casting long jigs, and can be used in deep water points, fields with fast currents, and strong winds. The sink also has a belly and butt that transmits the action to the jig. It has plenty of power, and it is effective even in situations where you are forced to forcibly exchange at points with rough roots, such as targeting amberjack in shallow areas and around fishing reefs where fish cannot run. Not only basic one-pitch, but also combination, slow tempo shakuri, and high versatility that can be used in any situation depending on how it is used, is the core of the New Galahad series.

Galahad 526
SIf you wish to aim for Amberjack, large Dog Tooth Tuna around 200m depth of water, or huge Kingfish feeding, this 526S, which is specialised for high pitch jerk, will be perfect choice. You can transfer your loading to metal jig with small motion easily thanks to the high modulus design of blank. So, you can jerk very quickly as you wish to even in quite deep water. Although it has toughness and durability to keep unexpected big target under control on butt section, it bends much smoother than you expected. The angler who aim monstrous fish with heavy line and high tension of drug system, do not hesitate to take this 526S. 


Model Type Line Jig Weight Length Weight Pieces
632S Spin PE2 140g 6'3" 169g 1pc
633S Spin PE3 180g 6'3" 178g 1pc
634S Spin PE4 220g 6'3" 196g 1pc
585S Spin PE5 280g 5'8" 212g 1pc
526S Spin PE6 350g 5'2" 304g 1pc

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