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Yamaga Blanks Blue Reef GT Game Series

Contrary to flashy part-time jobs and flashy fights, this is a GT game that requires delicate operations. In recent years, the delicate actions of lures that have been segmented into smaller pieces pose a wide variety of challenges to rods. Yamaga conducted repeated tests in Japan, mainly on Tanegashima and the Tokara Islands, and gave shape to Yamaga Blanks' vision of the next-generation GT rod. The new Blue Reef series has finally started, condensing contradictory performance into a completely new blank: lightness for casting down all day long, operability to meet the angler's intentions, and torque to rip fish from the roots without giving in to the current. To do. This is a series dedicated to anglers who are serious about GT, which is a special existence that attracts anglers.

Blue Reef 711/8 Stickbait
This is the model which is good at manipulating diving pencil sensitively as “Stick Bait” suggests. It have been loaded flexibility on tip section to manipulate diving pencil without popping it out of surface not only at short stroke action but also long stroke action…. Keep fish under control at your will with butt section which have been loaded enough toughness. We believe that you will choose this 710/8 whenever you go to fish because of that characteristic as such as well-balanced blank, excellent feeling of cast, and high operability. This will be recommended for not only GT but also for huge king fish or yellow fin tuna.

Blue Reef 80/8 Dual
This is new model for Blue Reef series which is named 80/8 Dual. This have been designed to be little lighter than 711/10 Dual, to enable anglers use light line to cast long distance and to manipulate lure more delicately. You will be notice that characteristic when you use pencil bait specially and once you hooked huge GT up, you must feel massive power from butt section for sure. You will be surprised that ability of cast and force of restitution which is hidden in blank of 80/8 Dual thanks to technology of NANOALLOY from TORAY.

Blue Reef 711/10 Dual
This is high power model of 711/8. Even though this is for diving pencil mainly, it has been designed to be little stiffer than 711/8 so it will cover various action as such as casting large lure heavier than 100g for long distance or manipulating popper with small face cup. Butt section of it will absorb the weight of fish to reduce physical burden of anglers and Angler will be able to lift huge fish while loading angler’s weight thanks to that tough butt section. This will be recommended to anglers who require the one that for both diving pencil and popper.

Blue Reef 710/10 Chugger
Most powerful model in BlueReef series. Design of this blank enable anglers to manipulate from large diving pencil to popper with large cup face. Because of toughness and stiffness loaded on this blank anglers have to load their weight on the rod while fighting, but if you could do that properly, it will be your reliable arm for sure. Even you are manipulating lure in long distance, you will be able to handle it at your will as directly as if it is nearby. Tend to be monotonous rhythm when you aim GT, 710/10 will enable you manipulate lure in various way of action.

Model Length Line Lure Pieces
711/8 Stickbait 7'11" PE8 160g 2pc
80/8 Dual 8'0" PE8 160g 2pc
711/10 Dual 7'11" PE10 200g 2pc
710/10 Chugger 7'10" PE10 220g 2pc

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