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Yamaga Blanks Galahad Travex

Yamaga have created 2-pieces jigging rod Galahad-Travex to achieve high portability while reducing cost of transport. They have redesigned Travex to increase in functionality as a jigging rod. Yamaga Blanks Travex have been retuned to be transferred your power to metal jig directory thanks to high repulsive force hidden in new blanks. The range of jig weight for these new Travex series become much wider than previous models to cover various situations and target. Also, it will be bent from little farther than previous models, you can give a various kind of action to your metal jig as such as one pitch jerk, high pitch jerk or combination easier than before. New Travex cover jigging game in near shore, remote island or expedition to overseas with many types of PE line.

Galahad Travex 593S
This is versatile stick to cover various method of jigging such as horizontally or vertically with around PE3. Thanks to sharpness and lightness of this blanks, you can enjoy manipulating your jig as you wish to. If you aim yellowtail or kingfish with metal jig up to 180g on 30~80m depth of water, the potential of 593S will be shown definitely. Although blanks of 593S seems slim and delicate, fish will be stopped and lifted by butt section which have been loaded massive power.

Galahad Travex 594S
If you aim Kingfish or Amberjack at near shore to expedition with around PE4, this 594S is the best choice. Lightness feeling of manipulation that is loaded as common characteristics of TRAVEX series enable you to handle long jig naturally at horizontally or to jerk jig aggressively at vertically. When you fish at fish bed with rough bottom or shallow area to aim tough target, you do not have to afraid to let it stop forcefully and aggressively without losing your initiative while taking advantage of powerful butt section.

Galahad Travex 595S
If you have plan to go to southern island of Japan or deep sea of overseas to aim large amberjack, dogtooth tuna or yellowfin tuna, please take 595S without hesitations. Tip section have been adjusted to become little flexible for increasing ability of manipulation and reducing burden of anglers when they jerk aggressively. Once huge fish on, you will notice that it bends very smoothly and you might forget that it is 2pics grip jointed. If you wish to land memorial fish on water of all around the world, this 595S will be your huge advantage for sure.

Model Length Line Lure Pieces Weight
Travex 593S 5'9" PE3 180g 2pc 206g
Travex 594S 5'9" PE4 240g 2pc 221g
Travex 595S 5'9" PE5 320g 2pc 279g

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