Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed Rods

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Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed Rods


We have compared the bend curve of the land based blue-runner models of the Runner Exceed series with a still weight of 1kg. For reference, we have also compared the two models of the Monster Impact which are designed for both the Black-fin seabass and blue-runners. 

The strength of the butt power goes from Monster Impact → Runner Exceed plugging model → Runner Exceed → Final Standup as the strongest. 

The power class for both the 104H and 103H are very similar but the main difference between the two are the controllability of the lures. The 104H plug model has a more flexible tip section for a more automatic feel when using diving pencil type lures, whereas the 103H is stiffer throughout the rod requiring a more manual maneuvering technique from the angler side. 

The 105BHH is generally in the Final Standard linage but since its main targets are large Kingfish and Amberjacks, we have classified this rod under the Runner Exceed series.


Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 911EMH

We refined the 911EMH blank and employed the new Nanoalloy material for a sharper casting feel and long castability while giving the angler better balance during the fight. It is an ideal rod for targeting 5~6kg blue-runners from the rocks with the ability to also handle the unexpected 10kg class fish. This versatile rod will allow anglers to utilize both jigs and plugs for any given situation and possesses the power to lift 3~4kg fish out of the water with the rod. With its ability to cast a mile with jigs up to 100g, the ideal length to maneuver the jig with the rod under your armpits and absolute balance and flex so the fish doesn't violently thrash about, this rod will surely be your next right arm.

 Model Length Weight Lure Weight Line Rating
911EMH 9'11" 306g 80g Plug / 100g Jig PE4



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