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Shimano Head Dip 200F Flash Boost

Now one of the biggest lure feature of Shimano in this year “Flash Boost” is featured to this big-name lure.

How “Flash Boost” works – it has one flashy metal board inside clear part of lures, with easy-bouncing spring. When the lure moves by anything like casting, streamflows, waves, currents, retrieving, it then starts shaking and flashing. This movement keeps on and on even the lure stops, and the flashing can lead fish bites even the lure is stopped.

From the straits of Tsugaru, the Ocea Head Dip Flash Boost lies at the forefront of big game fishing across the world. Having a big body with emphasis on its silhouette, this lure still manages to look highly appealing with its strong rolling and slalom action in large bodies of water.

Model Type Depth Weight (g) Length (mm)
XU-T20S Floating Top Water 135 200

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