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Shimano Ocea Pencil 115HS 42g

BRAND NEW COLOURS  - 011, 012, 013, 014 all feature the brand new Shimano SCALEBOOST technology.  The hologram finish mimics the realistic pattern of baitfish scales.

The Shimano Ocea Pencil 115HS is a 115mm 42g sinking stickbait.  At 42g they are designed to cast very well and have an enticing wobble action on the drop and can be worked with constant twitches of the rod tip with pauses for maximum effect.

The Shimano Ocea Pencil 115HS are designed to target everything from Tailor, Australian Salmon to Dolphin Fish, Yellowfin Tuna, GTs, Queenfish etc.

The 42g version of this lure is quite hard to get and we won't know when we'll have stock again - don't miss out!


  • Made in Japan
  • Length - 115mm
  • Weight - 42g
  • Type - Sinking Stickbait

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