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Daiwa 24 Steez

The Daiwa 24 Steez is the ultimate bass fishing equipment from the premium flagship brand, Daiwa. Featuring the innovative Ultimate Casting Design, this reel combines four key elements to deliver the perfect cast, making it a must-have for any angler seeking the ultimate fishing experience.

Just perfecting one part was not enough, it took all parts acting together to bring Ultimate Casting Design to life. The four pillars of Ultimate Casting Design are Daiwa’s famous Magforce + Variable Inductor, TWS T-Wing System, Zero Adjust & G1 Duralumin spool. When all four of these are harmonized, the imagination of perfect casting performance is realised.

Daiwa’s advancements of a completely non-contact electromagnetic braking system have been under development since the introduction of Magforce braking over 20 years ago. By creating a completely non-contact structure it eliminates all friction and therefore is not easily affected by outside factors such as moisture or humidity. The adaptation of a two-stage variable inductor which is controlled by the spool’s rotation means performance for lightweight lures, versatility or super long casting can be achieved.

Daiwa’s Zero Adjuster has been present for many years. By mastering the main brake (Magforce) Daiwa bait reels now do not need the second stage mechanical brake which applies force to the spool shaft. Now the angler can respond to any setting simply by adjusting the mag dial. Ultimate Casting Design has eliminated this ability, which simplifies setup & use and eliminates possibility for accidental adjustment. 

A third generation TWS has been installed, which has seen the shape be adjusted to further increase line flow. As bait reels become more compact and spool diameters decrease the rotational speed of the spool increases, further enhancing the performance benefits of TWS. A 4.9% casting distance increase is achieved when performing test casts against second generation TWS.

A new G1 Duralumin spool is regarded as the highest-grade aluminium alloy materials, two times stronger than magnesium and 1.3 times as strong as Super Duralumin. This allows Daiwa to create spools which are thin & light, whilst retaining strength and durability to handle many different line types and size.

Model Bearings Drag Ratio Line Weight
100H 12+1 5kg 7.8 (78cm) PE# 1.5/150m 160g
100HL 12+1 5kg 7.8 (78cm) PE# 1.5/150m 160g
100XH 12+1 5kg 8.5 (85cm) PE# 1.5/150m 160g
100XHL 12+1 5kg 8.5 (85cm) PE# 1.5/150m 160g

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