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Berkley Gulp Crabby 2.5in

The Berkley Gulp Crabby 2.5in is a highly effective soft bait specifically designed and developed in Australia with input from pro team members. Featuring a realistic crab or yabby design and infused with Gulp! scent, this lure also has a 'keeled' belly for straight tracking and attractive fluttering of its legs and claws. Catch more fish with the Berkley Gulp Crabby.

Another great feature of the keeled belly is the horizontal free–fall or drop when used with a light-weight jig head. This makes it ideal for fishing structure where the angler wants a natural ‘sink’ such as boat hulls, racks, pontoons and walls. Flick the crabby up against a boat hull or rock wall and watch it free-fall horizontally into the depths with its appendages fluttering on the way down and hang on!

Length: 2.5 inch

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