Yamashita Naory Range Hunter 1.5S


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Yamashita Naory Range Hunter 1.5


The Yamashita Naory Range Hunter comes in 2 sink rates and 3 sizes.  The new Naory RH supersedes the original Range Hunters with new innovative technologies developed through extensive research. They feature the 'warm jacket' cloth from the ever popular Egi Oh Q Live range.  This cloth reacts to any type of light that hits the jigs cloth to create a subtle temperature change. This temperature change is similar to the temperature of actual baitfish.  This means that the jigs thermal image very closely imitates real bait, resulting in squid being more interested in following your jig and much more likely to strike the jig. Fitted with an original design and stainless curved super fine spikes/hooks, there are 5 full glow bodies and 4 in the 490 Glow bodies. 

Shallow Sink Rate: slow sinking, ideal for shallow areas or when the squid are shut down and not reacting to a fast sinking jig. A blue eye is their distinguishing feature.

Basic Sink Rate: normal sinking, this is a unique feature for a jig of this size. A black eye is their distinguishing feature. The range hunter 1.8B has a sink rate of 3.0 to 3.5 seconds per meter which is the same sink rate of a 3.5 size squid jig and enables you to fish deeper water with a small profile jig. This is particularly useful in strong currents, when there are small squid holding in deeper water or when the squid are not interested in a large profile squid jig.




Sink Rate

1.5 Basic


5.0-5.5 sec/m

1.5 Shallow Sink


15-18 sec/m

1.8 Basic


3.0-3.5 sec/m

1.8 Shallow Sink


12-14 sec/m

2.2 Basic


2.2-2.7 sec/m

2.2 Shallow Sink


7.0-9.0 sec/m




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