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Little Jack Charikom 50

Not only can it be used for normal situations, but it can also be used where you can target bluefish, flat fish, and sea bass when using Charco, and when using tall fish such as Holly as bait. The development of Charicom was based on the stories of giant sea bass and blue fish preying on sea bream that escaped from fish farms, and the reliable fishing results of swim fishing. Little Jack have thoroughly reproduced the silhouette of Chariko (Snapper) on a regular basis, and have also pursued vibrational action. Various fins are reproduced with soft materials. In addition, they pay close attention to the face, form, and size of the scales depending on location, making it realistic. The hooks are a BKK hook that has a reputation for its smoothness and strength. The interior is also lined with bone-shaped ribs to ensure strength.

Length: 50mm
Weight: 11g
Sinking Vibe

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