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Oceans Legacy Genesis Light Game

Experience the ultimate in strength and durability with Ocean's Legacy Genesis Light Game rods. Designed for serious anglers, these rods feature a reinforced Cross Carbon Design to handle heavy drags and quickly tire out even the toughest fish. Crafted with top-quality Japanese Toray graphite, they offer a lightweight yet powerful option for conquering aggressive shorelines.

Built with the highest quality Fuji KW stainless steel SIC guides to ensure minimum line resistance, maximum castability and fastest heat dispersion.

Model Type Length Line Cast Pieces
GNSLG-S962L Spin 9’6″ PE 2.5 MAX 20 – 45G 2
GNSLG-S982ML Spin 9’8″ PE 3.0 MAX 25 – 65G 2
GNSLG-S1002M Spin 10’0″ PE 3.0+ MAX 30 – 85G 2

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