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Tasline X8 Solid 300m

Tasline Elite X8 White is pure 8 strand, with no coatings or additives, leaving it silky smooth and supple for improved casting distance and extreme fishing like popping and jigging for trophy fish. Together with a proprietary after braiding process developed by Tasline, this braid is tweaked to optimum performance. Manufactured and tested in small batches, to make sure Tasline Elite White is the best braid available.

Size PE Diameter Diameter Average Break Strands
8lb 0.4 0.100mm 14.7lb/6.6kg 8
12lb 0.6 0.128mm 20.6lb/9.3kg 8
16lb 1 0.175mm 24.5lb/11.1kg 8
20lb 1.7 0.225mm 34.7lb/15.7kg 8
30lb 3 0.299mm 49.0lb/22.2kg 8
40lb 3.5 0.317mm 59.2lb/26.8kg 8
50lb 4 0.332mm 78.5lb/35.6kg 8
60lb 6 0.422mm 91.6lb/41.5kg 8
80lb 8 0.480mm 116.2lb/52.7kg 8
100lb 10 0.545mm 138.2lb/62.7kg 8

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