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Sunline Monster Battle 300m

As an expert in the fishing industry, trust Sunline Monster Battle 300m for reliable and powerful casting. This 8-strand HG-PE line is designed for catching GT's, tuna, kingfish, and other pelagics. Its special surface resin improves smoothness, increases casting distance, and offers long-lasting durability. The sky blue colour, marked every 50m, makes tracking your line easy.

High strength, high grade braided line for use when casting for tuna or yellowtail.
Eight-strand braid plus special surface resin processing for reduced guide friction and significant improvement in manageability.
A 2-meter black marking every 50 meters gives you pinpoint feedback of length and distance.

Made in Japan
Colour: Sky Blue
Line classes: 50lb (PE 3), 60lb (PE 4), 80lb (PE 5, 90lb (PE 6), 100lb (PE 8), 130lb (PE 10)
Length: 300m

Line Size Strength (lb)
PE3 50lb
PE4 60lb
PE5 80lb
PE6 90lb
PE8 100lb
PE10 130lb

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