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Shimano Genpu XT

New to Shimano's expanding light jigging reel range is the Genpu XT. This is designed specifically for vertical fishing styles, whether it be micro jigging or even bait fishing. Large overheads still have their place on the boat, however the Genpu XT offers a more compact design which fits comfortably in your hand and maximises your fun when fishing. Fitted to the 200 size is a Ci4+ handle knob which provides great grip and control when winding, the 150 size has a double paddle knob. Fitted with 3+1 S A-RB bearings, the reel is smooth and has great bearing durability. With a 150 and 200PG size available, these are suited to fish up to PE2 line. Within the Shimano rod range, there is a number of suitable light overhead rods like the Jewel 21JL6101BUKU and 21JL661SLOW, along with the Maikuro II 20MK662OHSJ which balance great with the Genpu XT reels.

Size Ratio Bearings Drag Braid Capacity Weight
150 6.3:1 3/1 4.5kg PE1.5 / 200m 195g
200PG 5.5:1 3/1 5.5kg PE2 / 200m 195g
201PG (L/H) 5.5:1 3/1 5kg PE2 / 200m 195g

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