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Shimano Curado K

Curado 200 Size
The Curado baitcast reels re-define saltwater durability. To withstand the saltwater environment, they feature a specially plated pinion gear, combined with a breakwater wall and drainage port to provide superior protection from water intrusion and corrosion. The durable Hagane Body houses Shimano’s innovative MicroModule gearing, it has X-Ship for smooth rotation, and the SVS Infinity Braking System for enhanced casting performance.

Curado 300 Size
Built tournament tough, Curado is the benchmark for reliability and durability. Generations of anglers have looked to Curado as their trusted partner. Shimano gives you more than ever with the Curado K series reels. Now featuring the latest in Shimano technology, such as super smooth, efficient, durable MicroModule gearing, and offered in multiple gear ratios up to 8.5:1, Curado builds on its legacy as the 'go-to' baitcasting reel for both fresh and saltwater action.

Size Ratio Bearings Drag Braid Capacity Weight
200 6.2:1 6/1 5kg 30lb / 190yd 215g
200PG 5.0:1 6/1 5.5kg 30lb / 190yd 220g
200HG 7.4:1 6/1 5kg 30lb / 190yd 215g
200XG 8.4:1 6/1 5kg 30lb / 190yd 220g
201 (L/H) 6.2:1 6/1 5kg 30lb / 190yd 215g
300 4.7:1 5/1 10kg 50lb / 190yd 300g
300HG 6.6:1 5/1 8kg 50lb / 190yd 305g

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