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Shimano Bantam A

Shimano released its first baitcaster reel – the Bantam – 40 years ago, kickstarting Shimano's legacy of durable and high-performance casting reels. The new Bantam builds on that legacy, combining cutting-edge Shimano JDM design and technology to reaffirm the benchmark for strength and performance in a low-profile baitcaster reel. By utilising a new Core Solid Body design that integrates the B-side, frame and level wind guard into a single aluminium piece, Bantam provides unmatched strength. This full aluminium construction gives anglers the rigid feeling of a round casting reel with the ergonomics and comfort of a low-profile reel. A new MGL III spool reduces spool inertia, drastically improving casting distance. Additionally, by making the spool larger and narrower, the efficiency of the SVS Infinity casting control has also been improved. Internally, Bantam is the first low-profile baitcaster equipped with Shimano's Infinity Drive reel technology for unparalleled durability. Micro Module gearing has been utilised for precise gear alignment and smoother winding. Bantam is backed-up by Shimano's legendary Cross Carbon Drag, providing superior drag pressure and performance without compromising on drag inertia.

Model Power Pro Drag Bearings Ratio Weight
150A 30lb/135yd 5kg 8 + 1 6.2:1 215g
150HGA 30lb/135yd 5kg 8 + 1 7.1:1 220g
151HGA 30lb/135yd 5kg 8 + 1 7.1:1 220g

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