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BKK Viper-41

Developed to be the ultimate in Barra trebles, the BKK Viper-41 has undergone extensive Australian field testing. With feedback from Australian based BKK pro anglers, the Viper-41 is set to raise the bar in the treble market.

The BKK Viper is a 4X treble specifically designed to withstand the power of strong fish while not affecting lure action. The extra-long, super-sharp needle point optimizes both penetration and holding power. This series comes in a wide size range including odd sizes to perfectly balance every type of lures, thereby improving their swimming action.

Features: Needle Point, Bright Tin

Size Quantity
6 8
5 8
4 8
3 8
2 7
1 7
1/0 6
2/0 6
3/0 6
4/0 5
5/0 5
6/0 5

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