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BKK Raptor-Z

BKK's Raptor-Z incorporates the latest in hook manufacturing technology and BKK's legendary handcrafted finesse. This was a hook specifically designed to target the worlds most aggressive fish with success.

Thanks to BKK’s Hand ground technology and Ultra-Antirust coating, it is equipped with ultimate impaling power, being able to penetrate even the hardest bony jaws and superior corrosion resistance.

BKK’s Slim Ring Technology further allows for an easier attachment of split rings.

It is one of the most used and popular treble hooks for a wide range of applications.

BKK Raptor-Z Treble Hooks
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#3/0 5 No
#4/0 5 No
#5/0 5 No
#1 6 No
#2 7 No
#4 8 No
#1/0 6 No

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