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BKK Raptor-X

Introducing the BKK Raptor-X, a 3X-wire treble hook with superior holding power. Inspired by the popular Raptor-Z, its slightly straightened hook point and slimmer profile increase the hook-up rate. With Hand-Ground processing technology, this hook delivers top performance. Upgrade your fishing game with the Raptor-X.

Featuring a lighter wire and being available also in very small sizes, the Raptor-X can be suitable to arm smaller lures without affecting their swimming action. The lightness of the hook structure is increased also by the Hand-Ground processing, through which the hook is manually sharpened by removing material around the point.

The Bright-Tin coating of the Raptor-X aims at maximizing its performance in terms of saltwater corrosion resistance, being thereby suitable even for harsh saltwater environments.

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