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Zman Rattle Snaker

Enhance your soft plastic presentation with Zman Rattle Snaker. Its revolutionary design allows for easy insertion of a glass rattle, adding attraction and strike triggers. Simple and quick, with a hollow needle and pushrod. Elevate your game with Zman.

This patented tool consists of two parts that allow the precision insertion of rattles and weights into your soft plastics. Simply push the insertion needle into the soft plastic, where you wish the rattle to be placed, remove the rear section of the tool, and drop the rattle point first into the front (needle section) of the tool that remains in the plastic. You can then reinsert the rear section of the tool and the pushrod slides the rattle into place. The Rattle-Snaker can then be removed from the plastic and you’re ready to attract the big bites.

Other features include a neat flip top compartment in the rear section of the tool for storing additional glass rattles and the Rattle-Snaker comes ready to go with 10 glass rattles included. Replacement glass rattles are also available in a convenient 10 pack. A surgical tubing needle guard is fitted onto the stainless-steel needle for safe storage and to prevent accidental harm when not in use.

This is an exciting development in soft plastics fishing and is sure to be a game changer, especially in low light conditions, when the water is dirty, and when the bite is tough.

Find the 10-pk of spares HERE

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