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Zman GrubZ 9in

A jumbo curl tail with an irresistible action that is deadly on snapper, mulloway, barramundi, Murray cod and reef species.

Made in the USA from 10X Tough, ElaZtech material, this big curl tail is built to stand up to aggressive strikes and brutal battles with big fish. The ribbed, cylindrical body holds a jighead well and the long curl tail is irresistable to fish, whether it's rolled across the surface for barra, dropped deep on a jighead, paternoster rigged for reefies, or added to a ChatterBait or spinnerbait for added action and bulk when targeting Murray cod.

Its natural buoyancy allows it to be rigged weedless and rolled across the surface to imitate a lizard and when at rest of the bottom, when jighead rigged, that tail will float up and move with the water, attracting fish and triggering strikes.

Get the big bites!

3 per pack.

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