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Zipbaits ZBL Conoha Pencil

A big top pencil produced by Naoyuki Oka, a Zipbaits field staff who is a sea bass guide in Tokyo Bay. In the beginning of autumn, when a big Konoshiro becomes a bait, a lure of 20 cm or less often has a bad reaction. At that time, Mr. Oka, who has been successful in fishing results with large wood lures, Zipbaits has completed a lure that concentrates the know-how obtained through actual fishing.

The finish is well thought out, such as distance, action, floating posture, and even communication after hanging. It is quite tiring to pull down a particularly large and heavy top water lure all day. Despite the 230 mm large pencil, the Conoha has a comfortable setting that does not make you tired even if you pull it down all day long. A normal sliding dog walk is easy, and it is also possible to produce a moribund bait by connecting a line to the eye on the back.

Length: 230mm
Weight: 134g
Floating Stickbait

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