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Zipbaits Monsoon Breaker 115

Do you spin lures from shore? This is a great lure for tailor & salmon
The Zipbaits Monsoon Breaker 115 is a slimline heavy casting stick bait that is perfect for casting long distances. Its slender design makes the lure extremely easy to work with short sharp twitches of the rod tip. The Zipbaits Monsoon Breaker is made in Japan and as all Japanese made lures, it is of exceptional quality. Fitted with owner hooks these lures some ready for action! 
Ideal for: Tailor, Salmon, Kingfish, Spangled Emperor, Mackerel

  • Long cast design
  • Natural enticing swim
  • Weight: 29g
  • Length: 115mm
  • Action: Sinking
  • Build: Through-Wire Internals

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