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Yeti Wine Chiller

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Keep your wine at the perfect temperature with the Yeti Wine Chiller. Its double-wall vacuum insulation ensures your wine stays just the way you like it. The silicone landing pad keeps your bottle safe without making a sound and it fits a wide range of wine bottles. Take it anywhere and enjoy your wine at the ideal temperature.

Designed for wine nights in the wild, this cold-holding wine chiller is durable enough to withstand any condition, and sized to fit nearly any standard wine or champagne bottle. Just drop in a cold bottle of your favourite champagne and red or white wine to lock in the perfect temperature for sipping for hours on end. Pre-chill your wine chiller in an icy beverage cooler or your beverage fridge for best results. These wine chillers are the perfect gifts for any wine lover.

External Dimensions
10.8cm Wide X 23.8cm High

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Yeti Wine Chiller Bottle

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