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Yeti Sideclick Strap

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Expertly designed to keep your essentials safe and accessible, the Yeti Sideclick Strap is made with a durable polyester weave construction. Adjustable to fit your needs, wear it around your waist or comfortably across your body for added convenience. Easily secure your Sidekick Dry Gear Case and stay on the go with this versatile strap.

Keep the wild close and your essentials closer with the ultra-durable, reinforced strap. Attach to a Sidekick Dry Gear Case for wearable, waterproof protection for all the gear you need to keep dry while you're on the water. Designed with adventure in mind, the Sideclick Strap adjusts to be worn as a crossbody or belt bag.

Yeti Sideclick Strap Shoulder

Yeti Sideclick Strap Waist


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