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Yeti LoadOut GoBox 60

*Instore Pickup Only*

The LoadOut GoBox 60 Gear Case holds everything and the kitchen sink. When there’s gear you can’t afford to be without, this is the personal gear locker you bring. Right at home in the bed of your truck, it's the essential companion for extended camping and hunting trips. With reinforced latches and a Wildproof design, it’s built to hold up to years of snow, mud, dust, dog slobber, and saltwater. Please note: The GoBox isn't a cooler, so don’t fill it with ice. But you can squeeze six Daytrip Lunch Boxes inside. Or add a Tundra Hard Cooler to your line-up

External Dimensions
76.1cm X 37.4cm X 33.9cm

Internal Dimensions
68.0cm X 29.7cm X 27.4cm

Empty Weight


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