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Yamaga Blanks Early For Surf 

The Early for Surf are long distance casting models developed to meet the needs of surfcasting. With the concept focusing on long distance casting, the light weight blank and light casting feel will allow anglers to maintain their concentration throughout the day. For the 2021 season, we have added 2 new models to the vast lineup. The 105MMH/B which is equipped with a highly responsive feel even at a long range and the 99ML which is ideal for anglers who prefer a more fineness style.

With great casting ability and highly sensitive characteristics, the Early for Surf models are not only ideal for the flat fish game targeting Flounders and Flatheads with minnows, metal jigs and soft plastics, but also great to target seabass and Blackfin Seabass off the rocks, small blue-runners, monstrous Jew fish and the northern sea Trout. Although these are designed mainly for the surf game, its versatility will enable anglers to utilize these models for various games requiring long distance casting. The blanks have been built up with a sharp casting feel, the power to stop the thrashing fish and highly sensitive to meet the needs of the ever-changing surf casting game. We hope you can experience our creation in the vast field. 

Early 103M
If you wish to cast and manipulate various kind of lures as such as minnow 9cm class, sinking pencil minnow 40g, jig minnow or jig head, this EARLY 103M is going to enable you to fish comfortably thanks to that excellent casting feel. As long as you have loaded power on blanks even a small amount, you can get enough distance without losing energy and concentrations. This 103M can be handled by any level and type of anglers for sure.

Early 109MMH
109MMH have been loaded specialised ability to deliver plugs much further than you can imagine even if its small or big plugs. Flexible and sensitive tip section will enable you to not only cast light lure easily but also sense slight changes of current or situations of the bottom sea even in the night time. You can handle plug around 45g without any stress as same as 105MH, so please take this 109MMH to aim seabass or blackfin seabass from rocky or sandy beach.

Early 105MH
This 105MH have most powerful blanks of new 10ft series to deliver 50g of lure further than ever you have reached. Especially the butt section of 105MH has been loaded huge power to launch heavy lure further than your expectations and also to keep a big target under control without losing initiative. High versatility employed to blanks for target as such as Seabass, blackfin seabass, or blue runner from rocky and sandy beach, rocks or piers.

Model Length Line Lure Pieces Weight
99ML 9'9" PE0.8-1.5 7-35g 2pc 155g
103M 10'3" PE0.8-1.5 8-42g 2pc 174g
109MMH 10'9" PE1-2 8-50g 2pc 195g
105MH 10'5" PE1-2 10-50g 2pc 192g
105MMH 10'5" PE1.5-2.5 15-50g 2pc 189g

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