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Vexed Micro Meat 40g

Introducing Vexed Micro Meat, the ultimate tool for catching smaller fish species from boat or shore. This versatile jig, specifically designed for whiting, can be used individually or as a "Fish Catching Sinker" on a paternoster rig. With 70% or more whiting caught on the bottom dropper hook, get ready for a successful fishing experience.

During testing sessions for Sand Whiting and King George Whiting, Vexed caught more fish on the Micro Meat Hybrid fished as the sinker, than they did on the bottom dropper hook. By using the Micro Meat Hybrid as the sinker, you now have two prime fish catchers down on the seafloor.

These have been tied using super strong and sticky sharp BKK hooks and a carefully selected mix of glow/UV flash fibre and rubber. Micro Meat is available in a large range of weights from 3.5gm – 130gm, and designed to use small strips of fish or squid as bait for species including whiting, bream, flathead and inshore snapper.

The Micro Meat hybrid doubles as a “Micro Tai Rubber” style jig without the addition of bait. It can be cast and twitched through structure, hopped across sand flats or dropped and jigged on bait schools and offshore reefs in water depths up to 100m. To bait, or not to bait? Well that’s up to you to decide.

Weight: 40g
Assist: #2

*Photos for colour reference*

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