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Vexed Bottom Worm Long Shank 3.5g

Discover the Vexed Bottom Worm Long Shank - a ground-breaking design from Vexed that elevates your reef fishing endeavours. Building upon the triumph of the Vexed Bottom Meat, this cutting-edge lure enables deeper and more effective bait placement using less weight, perfect for modern slow pitch jigging systems. Encounter enhanced bait allure and heightened outcomes with the Vexed Bottom Worm Long Shank.

The Bottom Worm Long Shank has been designed as a micro version of the Bottom Meat, but for lighter outfits and smaller inshore species. It can be used on its own, or on the bottom of a paternoster rig as a “Fish Catching Sinker”. 70% or more whiting are caught on the bottom dropper hook of a traditional paternoster rig. By using the Bottom Worm Hybrid as the sinker, you now have two prime fish catching baits down on the seafloor. During testing sessions for Sand Whiting and King George Whiting, Vexed caught more fish on the Bottom Worm Hybrid, fished as the sinker, than on the bottom dropper hook.

With a super sharp BKK long shank hook and a durable, stretchy little scented Vexed Bottom Worm, this will present small soft baits such as worm, pipi, squid, prawn and mussel perfectly. Available in sizes from 3.5gm- 130gm and hook sizes from #10 to #1, Bottom Worm Hybrid’s will suit most fish species from boat, beach, estuary, jetty or river bank.

Bottom Worm Hybrid’s can also be jigged through structure or slowly hopped across the bottom without bait for many inshore species such as bream, flathead and whiting.

Weight: 3.5g
Hook: #10 Long Shank

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