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TFO NTR Fly Reel

The No Tools Required fly reel is as simple as the name sounds.

Introducing the all new NTR fly reel series. No fancy tools needed to change retrieve, tighten the drag, or perform any maintenance.

Efficient, powerful, and intelligent construction that does not take an advanced degree from an IVY league school to operate.

Designed for the angler looking for a high quality machined aluminium fly reel, at a friendly price.

The NTR fly reels are offered in two colours, clear-gold and black-gold and comes in four sizes, from a 3/4-weight to a 9/10-weight. Perfect for any single or two-handed rod in the freshwater quiver.

TFO NTR fly reels are fully CNC machined from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminium and feature a smooth cork disc drag system, (draw bar design). A one-way stainless-steel spindle bearing with an internal cap and O-ring seal. The drag system is sealed to keep out moisture and dust. The NTR series reel features an out-going check and is easy to change from left to right-hand retrieve.

All NTR fly reels come with a black neoprene pouch.

Model Weight Capacity Diameter Width
I (3/4) 134g 100 yards/20 lb/WF4F 82.8mm 26.9mm
II (5/6) 166g 100 yards/20 lb/WF6F 89.9mm 26.9mm
III (7/8) 170g 150 yards/20 lb/WF8F 96.8mm 30.0mm
IV (9/10) 227g 200 yards/30 lb/WF10F 109.2mm 30.5mm

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