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Tenryu Spike

Rod Concept:
Off Shore casting series featuring casting distance and tenacious power.
Enable to make strategic approach with specification suitable for target and size of boat for surface game.

Designed in the balance of tenaciousness and reaction and it gives the reliable power and comfortable casting.
Tenacious power of butt section is improved by using C.N.T. material.
K-Guide and OCEAN guide with stainless frame and SiC ring is mounted at right position.
Their original NISHIJIN textile is used at Reel Seat.

SK772S-M (Yellow Tail)
All-round model at coastal sea. Suitable length for handling in the boat with a shallow boat.
It is good at Over-head cast with pencil bait around 40g, 60g plugs and full cast until 90g.
It is relatively light model and you can enjoy the fight with Japanese king fish and yellow-tail.
Top Guide (#10) Butt Guide (#40)

Length: 7'7"
Line: PE4
Lure: 90g
2pc - Butt Join

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