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Tasmanian Devil 40th Anniversary Limited

These are the 40th Anniversary Tassie Devil colours in the 13.5g size. This was a limited release and very difficult to find now, collect all 6 available colours! Fantastic on Trout and other species!

The Tasmanian Devil lures are a unique Australian product designed for trolling, casting or jigging in fresh and saltwater. The lure action is due to the revolutionary winged technology that causes the lure to swim in an irregular manner, darting and diving, simulating the movement of wounded fish. This pulsating action is transmitted to the rod tip that will show as a “nodding action” that is proof that the lure is swimming correctly. If this rod tip action is not present, either a piece of weed, or a fish is on the hook. All four sizes of the Tasmanian Devil swim in this erratic manner and this is the reason the lures are so effective. The loose flight stainless steel centre or the line-through rigging method used prevents fish from throwing the hook as both methods allow the lure body to slide up the line away from the fish. Regardless of the species that is targeted, the Tasmanian Devil qualifies as an all round lure. Whatever your quarry, from Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout to School Mackerel and Salmon, the Tassie Devil is a sure fire hit and will land you your target species time and time again. Effortless to cast, simple to troll and easy to jig.

Weight: 13.5g

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