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Sunline V Hard Plasma Rise 50m

The surface of the new V-Hard is modified with a highly slippery polymer layer by Plasma Rise. The result is a hard, glass-like surface. This allows it to repel scratches before it gets damaged.

The stiffer it is, the less likely it is to be scratched. However, if the hardness is increased, the flexibility of the line is lost. If it loses its flexibility, fish will not bite. Furthermore, it becomes difficult to make a tight knot, and loses its value as a fishing line. New V Hard has succeeded in modifying only the very surface of the line to be harder, while maintaining the same flexibility against bending as the conventional product.

No one wants a line that breaks easily due to wear resistance, no matter how much it repels slips. The glass-like surface of the new V-hard repels abrasion damage and is less prone to abrasion, which means that it has improved residual strength after being scratched. You will feel the this benefit in actual fishing.

Made in Japan
Length: 50m

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