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Sunline Shooter FC Sniper Invisible 75m

This line minimises pressure on line-shy fish! Designed with colours that exist in natural structures (e.g. weeds, rocks, trees). By erasing the presence of the line, it’s now easy to approach the wary big bass.

As the name suggests, “FC Sniper Invisible”, can eliminate a line presence to fish as much as possible and has the colour pattern adapting to the background after an exhaustive study.

Generally speaking, sight-fishing is to catch visible fish in the water, but it is not just the way. For example, I also think that Sight-fishing includes seeing terrains, how weeds grow, and gaps of rocks from our eyes’ information. That is “METAN” which Sunline call for Sight-fishing.

The colour of the previous product “Shooter METAN Green” was based on gradation, while “Shooter FC Sniper Invisible” is based on camouflage with 5 colours inspired by the wider situation. “Invisible” has absolutely progressed the property and strength more than previous ones.

Speaking of covers existing in the bass fields and structures, there are 3 big elements of Weeds, Rocks and Woods. The colour of weeds is not only green but also withered brown. Rocks have greyish colours, and standing woods have brownish colours. Considering the elements, Sunline set the colour pattern of “Invisible”, adapting to the back ground.

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