Strategic Angler Mikros Sinking

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Strategic Angler Mikros Sinking Stickbait

The family Clupeidae represents one of the largest forage fish in the world and includes the shads, herrings, sardines, sprats and menhadens.  Their range extends from the Mediterranean, Pacific and Atlantic oceans and a few species live or migrate between fresh and saltwater.  Clupeids often have large eyes enabling them to see predators from afar; they also have large distinguished scales (often with a plain pattern) to blend in with their aquatic environments. Predatory instincts of feeding fish often hone on the smallest and weakest prey that exhibit a distressed swimming action.  The Mikros series lures was designed with this particular attribute in mind.  At only five inches, the Mikros series is the perfect lure to represent whitebait, green backs, menhaden, shad and shiners.  The Mikros has already proven itself to be extremely versatile in all fishing situations fresh and saltwater and is available in both sinking and floating configurations.

Do not let the small size fool you, the Mikros series lures are wired and constructed the same as their larger brethren giving you peace of mind when the big guys come around.  Elephants eat peanuts after all!


  • Orientation:  Horizontal suspending/sinking (hook dependent)
  • Action:  Alternating side to side swimming action with retrieve; subsurface walk
  • Length:  5 inches  (127 mm)
  • Average weight:  2 ounces (55-58 grams)
  • Retrieve speed:  Medium to fast; trollable
  • Skill level:  None to moderate