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Strategic Angler Mikros Floating Stickbait

Predatory instincts of feeding fish often hone on the smallest and weakest prey that exhibit a distressed swimming action.  The Mikros series lures was designed with this particular attribute in mind.  At only five inches, the Mikros series is the perfect lure to represent this prey. 

The Mikros has already proven itself to be extremely versatile in all fishing situations fresh and saltwater and is available in both sinking and floating configurations. Do not let the small size fool you, the Mikros series lures are wired and constructed the same as their larger brethren giving you peace of mind when the big guys come around.  Elephants eat peanuts after all!

Orientation:  Horizontal floating with rattle

Action:  Walk the dog; alternating side to side swimming action with retrieve

Length:  5 inches  (127 mm)

Average weight:  1.25 ounces (35-38 grams)

Retrieve speed:  very slow to fast

TECHNIQUE The Mikros-F creating a visual and audible disturbance on the surface with its internal rattle chamber. The Mikros F can be walked by twitching the rod tip imparting a side to side zig zag action, keeping the lure in the feeding zone where it is most effective.  The occasional long jerk will make the lure kick wildly, making the lure swim like a fleeing baitfish. Mikros can be retrieved with various speeds depending on the hook setup.  Lighter hooks allow for a slower retrieve while larger, heavier hooks allow for a more spirited retrieve. 

For heavy tackle and big game fishing, an extra large treble or single hook located on the belly is all you need.  This configuration will still allow the lure to swim at its best (note that the Mikros-F will sink slightly due to the heavier belly hook)

For trolling purposes up to 4 knots, use the largest possible hook on the belly with the Mikros-S (sinking)



Belly only (trolling):  5/0 trebles, 4/0 trebles, 3/0 trebles

Belly only: 8/0 to 12/0 single

Belly/rear: 3/0 or 2/0 treble with a single tail hook


Belly/rear:  2/0 trebles with 5/0-7/0 single

Belly/rear: 1/0 treble with 5/0 single

Belly/rear: single 5/0-8/0



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