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Strategic Angler Cruiser

Sinking subsurface stick bait.  - medium to fast retrieve - sinks horizontally at rest

Swimming side to side action with steady rod retrieve, attractive tail kick

Erratic swimming and wobbling action with rod work - twitch or sweep with a long pause to mimic a dying and sinking baitfish

Fast retrieve with the rod tip down for a cruising subsurface presentation use a lighter rear hook for an enhanced tail kick


255mm long - weight range 183gm - 188gm


Belly/rear: 5/0 trebles, 4/0 trebles, 3/0 trebles

Belly/rear: 8/0 to 12/0 singles

Belly/rear: combination belly treble with a single tail hook

Note: Heavier or Larger hooks are recommended for strong current or heavier seas to increase lure stability

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