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Strategic Angler Bullit 100 - Sinking Stickbait

The Bullit series is a simplified and scaled-down version of the popular ten-inch Cruiser series.  The Bullit 80 is 4" long and weighs .7oz (20g).  Its dense cylindrical body profile enables it to be used as a pause and twitch bait.  The Bullit series can also be used as a fast retrieve lure which offers a tight hurried swimming action.  A perfect representation for smaller forage fish such as silversides, small scads, and anchovies, this lure offers a slower sink ratio compared to metal jigs.  This ability to stay in the feeding zone is perfect when targeting fast-moving smaller tuna (bonito, albacore, skipjack), Spanish mackerel, Striped Bass and trevally.


Weight - 19-20g (0.7oz)

100mm (4 inches)

Twitch and Retrieve

Horizontal Orientation at Rest

Rhythmic Twitch / Pause for the best action

Can be used with a tailhook only

Suggested Hook Options

Belly & Tail

Size 2 Trebles

Size 4 Trebles

Size 1/0 singles and up

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