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Storm Gomoku Trick Metal 8g

The Storm Gomoku Trick Metal 8g is a top-performing jigging lure that boasts a wide kicking tail action and a unique asymmetric body design. These features work together to entice and hook even the most elusive predators. Versatile and effective, this lure is a must-have for any angler looking to up their game. 

The Gomoku Trick Metal is rear weighted for long casts and a fast descent. Rigged with VMC dressed assist hook and rear treble hook, full metal body, and suitable for both fresh and saltwater.

Ideally suited for the inshore jig market chasing demersal fish near the bottom, the Gomoku Trick Metal is also a versatile jig and can be cast at pelagics, or used as a slow pitch jig for bass in impoundments.

Weight: 8g

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