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Smith Tobiika 140S

This is a pencil bait that targets salt migratory fish such as tuna and dolphin fish, as well as blue fish (yellowtail and amberjack), and consists of three types. Its characteristics are that it can produce a wide variety of movements depending on the user's operation, and the operation and type can be used depending on the target fish species and situation.

Since it is made of ABS resin, it has a transparent and clear feel that cannot be achieved with wood, which adds to the movement of the lure. In addition, due to the effect of the emperor part (which looks like a horizontal wing) of the flying squid, the force of the part that escapes by rolling as well as water entanglement is reflected in the darting force to the left and right. Please try various ways of adding actions to the angler who operates it. Various changes in movement can occur by changing the direction (angle) of jerk, stroke, or pitch.

Length: 140mm
Weight: 69g
Rec. Hooks: 1/0

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