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Smith Sardine Run Pencil 13F

The Smith Sardine Run Pencil 13F is a precision saltwater bait that flawlessly mimics fleeing sardines both on the surface and underwater. With its realistic movements, this pencil bait is sure to attract a wide range of saltwater game fish, making it a must-have for any angler's tackle box.

It can be adapted to a wide range of situations and targets. Target everything from sea bass in the estuary to blackfin bass on the shore, blue fish, and migratory fish.

The Sardine Run Pencil is the ultimate lure for catching big fish. With a unique twitching action and precise control, it can imitate a dog walking or diving in the water. Its high buoyancy and water-resistant design make it a top choice for any angler. Catch your next trophy fish with the Smith Sardine Run Pencil 13F.

Length: 130mm
Weight: 25g

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