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Shimano Twinpower SW-C

Designed to challenge the impossible, the new Twin Power SW is stronger and more durable than ever. The inclusion of Infinity Drive reduces handle rotation torque by a maximum of 30% when compared to the previous series. Heat Sink Drag features in the 10000 and 14000 sizes to reduce the amount of heat transferred to the drag washers and line during the fight. The X-Protect seal and labyrinth structure repels water intrusion, with the line roller and clutch assembly, the mechanism is ten times more durable according to internal Shimano testing. The new striking silver and blue cosmetics have been paired up with a polished metal handle and power knob to finish the reel off superbly. Engineered and made in Japan to the highest standard for the world’s hardest fighting saltwater species.

Size Ratio Drag Weight Capacity
4000XG 6.2:1 11kg 350g PE1.5 / 320m
5000HG 5.7:1 13kg 415g PE2 / 350m
6000HG 5.7:1 13kg 420g PE3 / 300m
8000HG 5.6:1 25kg 615g PE4 / 300m
10000PG 4.9:1 25kg 655g PE5 / 300m
14000XG 6.2:1 25kg 660g PE6 / 300m

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