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Shimano Tiagra Ultra

When it comes to Game Fishing, you need to arm yourself with the best tools possible in order to make that chance of catching the fish of a lifetime the easiest possible. Bring in the Tiagra Ultra SiC. With 2 models in the range made from a top quality Shimano Higher Power / Spiral X Graphite you can be sure that this rod is the brute you need to take down those monster fish. An ALPS Roller brings top quality to your rod allowing for ease and smoothness when under tension.

Model Length Pieces Line
2030 Straight Butt 5'5" 2 10-15kg
3050 Straight Butt 5'5" 2 15-24kg
5080 Straight Butt 5'5" 2 24-37kg
3050 Dual Butt 5'4" 2 15-24kg
5080 Dual Butt 5'4" 2 24-37kg

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